06 April 2008

Torch day or Snow day?

well when I got up this morning everyone was feverishly getting ready to go watch the Olympic Torch run by. With out too much questioning it was discovered that it infact was running down the street basically right outside the centre. So I threw on some pants and a coat and joined the not very unwieldy throng of people at the end of my street. I had never seen the torch run by and so I thought it was pretty cool. And there were even protestors (I mean what big event is complete with out its share of protestors?). These ones were complaining about China's treatment of Tibet. I do however think that the olympic people were in for a bit of a surprise. I believe they had planned on running through London in early April for the nice springness of it all, unfortunately for them its snowing outside. When it snowed for three days surrounding easter a couple weeks ago none of it stuck, today though it is sticking to the cars which is rather impressive. Hopefully it won't start sticking to the ground, that would be problematic, though I doubt it will.