24 January 2008

time to play a little catch up

last wednesday we took our first fieldtrip, and we went to Canterbury, Rye and Beachy Head. It was incredible! It was so nice to get out of the city to the slower pace of the country. Canterbury, as you may know is known for the Canterbury Cathedral, home of the Archbishop of Canterbury. It is also known for Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. The story in which several pilgrims chronicle their pilgrimage to Canterbury to see the Tomb of Sir Thomas A Beckett. The cathedral is quite beautiful. I love the Gothic Architecture.

After Canterbury we got back in the coach and traveled to Rye, a beautiful little english town. There isn't really much to see there as such, but it was a beautiful little place, I think I could live there. One interesting thing about Rye is that it is a port town, but over the years the sea has receeded and it is now two miles away from the town. rye is a landlocked port. the below picture is the parish church at rye.

After Rye we went to Beachy Head, which is along the coast, and is the home to the highest part of the White Cliffs. We got there just around sunset and it was spectacular. I only wish that I could capture the beauty on film better.

Overall it was a splendid trip, I can't wait for the next one.

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