16 May 2008


well I think that London loved me so much that it felt the need to send me home with a cold so I wouldn't miss it too much. But we'll pretend that's not the case and that some bean head on the airplane gave it to me instead. Yeah I've decided that London is the best place to live. Life was so much simpler then. I didn't worry about how much I spent or where the money was coming from. It didn't matter that I didn't have a job or anything like that. Now here I am with one little tiny part time 12 hour a week job that isn't going to pay the bills. Yeah life was so much simpler. I didn't have to worry about the rising price of oil, or how my car was parked in the garage. Or which side of the road we drive on or anything. I just hopped on The Tube and away I went. Oh good times. And when I felt particularly anxious or worried I could just bop on down to Tesco and get me a nice Dairy Milk bar and life was wonderful again. Now I have to ration the few Dairy Milk bars I had the foresight to bring home because who knows when the next one will be. Oh how I miss the simple times. but perhaps things will get better soon. I suppose this is all just part of going through London withdrawl. anyhow.... Oh the good times in London. And yes this is a rather delightful picture of my dear Great Gherkin.

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Cheryl said...

Yes, it's hard to leave a wonderful experience and come back to a more regular life. But what wonderful experiences you've had with great memories. I'm glad you could have this special time in your life.