02 October 2011

Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salsa

So as the owner/pretend writer of a blog comes the responsibility of reading other people's blogs. And of course since I have a food blog that necessitates that I read lots of other food blogs. Now I'll admit that I don't read tons of food blogs, but I have a couple that I enjoy and one of them is written by an old friend from college. And on her blog this week she had a delicious looking recipe for salsa. It looked so good that I actually went out and bought the ingredients to make it. And did. It is just as amazing as Kasee said it was. So the night that I made it I was trying to figure out what I wanted for dinner and I'd gotten as far as this salsa, but realized that it's not really much of a dinner. So I thought, you know it'd be great with salad and crushed up tortilla chips. So I pulled up the blog and low and behold this was the next post. Of course at this point I didn't have the ingredients to make the dressing, but even without the dressing the salsa makes a wonderful addition to salad.

 My pictures aren't nearly as good as Kasee's. But the salsa was amazing.

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