04 January 2012


As you may remember (or maybe not) I went to England two summers ago for a couple months (unfortunately I think there was only one post about it, sorry.) Anyways, while I was there I was assigned to attend the Portuguese branch for church. I don't really understand why since I don't actually speak Portuguese, but I'll serve where ever I'm asked to. So one Sunday one of the Brazilian families in the branch invited us (there were 5 of us from my program that attended that branch) over for dinner. Oh man, think traditional Brazilian barbecue, only better. The food was so good. And they made us the best dessert ever.

In Brazil, they have this kind of bon-bon called brigadeiros. They're made from sweetened condensed milk and nesquick, boiled till it's thick enough to make into balls. But before it's that thick it can be used as a sauce. Which is how it was served to me the first time I had it. It was a sauce over ice cream with little bits of kit-kat bars mixed in. Heaven in a glass.

One of the girls assigned to the Portuguese branch actually spoke Portuguese and had served her mission in Brazil. So she taught me how to make these brigadeiros. I've made it as a sauce a couple of times, but I've never had the time and energy to actually form it into little balls, until today.

I've had a can of sweetened condensed milk lying around my cupboard for months and months ear-marked especially for this recipe. And since I'm movingthis weekend it was finally time to use the can up (I hate moving food, it's so much extra work--though I'll move canned goods over things like pancake syrup any day). So while I'm enjoying being unemployed in DC this week I made brigadeiros. So good! I dare you to eat just one.

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