24 January 2010

Just a Minute

BBC Radio 4 has a delightful radio show called "Just a Minute." It is a kind of gameshow that is absolutely hilarious. There is a panel of contestants and one person is given a topic to speak on for sixty seconds without hesitation, repetition, or deviation. They are allowed to repeat the words in the topic, but that's it. And so, they begin speaking and when the other panelists catch the speaker hesitating, repeating themselves, or deviating from the topic the buzz in and if they make a correct challenge then they pick up the topic and the remaining time on the clock. The person speaking at the end of sixty seconds wins the round. It is the best show ever. I hope that I can contrive to get some tickets to see a recording while I'm in London this summer. Nicholas Parsons, the host, is hilarious. Such a good show. Check it out, you can listen on Radio 4's website.

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