10 January 2010

London called, I answered

Well, my love of London has finally paid off. I have found a way back to this beloved city, and adored country. I am to accompany a couple of professors and a number of students on a study abroad this summer term. It will be a wonderful experience, and one that I am desperately looking forward to. To return to the land where children say "yeh" after every sentence, and where I get to gratefully ignore all the strangers around me, where I can ride the tube everyday, and where I can consume as much Ribena as possible. Oh, it will be delightful. And maybe I can even learn more about the delightful gastronomy of the English.

1 comment:

Jen said...

First of all, Emily, you're in trouble for not telling me you had a blog.
second--you're going to London! I'm going to be in Cambridge this summer!!! COME VISIT!!