29 April 2012

International Children's Digital Library

So another cool website that we talked about in LIS 415 this week was the International Children's Digital Library. From what I understand this website was created by the University of Maryland in concert with the Internet Archive. But what makes it really awesome is that they also involved a team of 6 children (ages 7-11) that helped design the website in a way that makes sense to children.
Look,  I found Alice's Adventures in Wonderland without typing a thing.
The basic concept is that children often remember books based on what they look like (come to think of it I do too. I can't tell you how many times all I can remember is that the book was green and had a cool picture on the cover...) So the search interface allows a user to search based on features of the book such as color, or length, or if it is make-believe or true, etc. It allows you to select different things and then it filters the results similar to an AND Boolean search. And it lets you do all this without typing a single thing.

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