27 April 2012

Tag Galaxy

Yesterday was my last day of LIS 415--Information Organization. For reasons I don't quite understand that class ended this week (though I have two assignments for it due next week), but my other class still has two weeks left. I don't understand and I don't actually really care either--that's the funny thing about grad school: I find that I just don't care a lot about the random workings of the school or it's idiosyncrasies.

But, so in our class we had our final lecture and we talked about all kinds of cool things and so I want to highlight some of them here. My favorite website we saw is a way to visualize information and really has no discernible purpose other than to be incredibly pretty. Somebody obviously had way too much time on their hands, but that doesn't change the fact that it is really cool.
In case you're curious, these are pictures of Devon+Sea+Landscape. I think it captures Devon's beauty pretty well, don't you?

So play around with this website; it's called Tag Galaxy.

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