15 March 2008

Is Beauty Dangerous?

I believe it begins to become a problem when in order to describe the beauty of something one must resort to using negatively connoted words. Such as "painfully beautiful," "devastatingly beautiful," "terrifyingly pretty," etc. What is it about our language that prevents us from being able to actually express our emotions and feelings? I feel that times like these it's not only a matter of our own personal ability to express, but more a lack of the right words in our unruly language.

This picture is a view taken from the Parish Church in Widecombe in the Moor. It is a National trust village in the Dartmoor National Park. Isn't it just the lovliest, most beautiful sight you have ever seen? Could anything look any more classically English? I only wish that cameras did even half justice to the beauty of the surroundings.

If you thought that was as beautiful as it gets (and you really would be nearly right in thinking it) here is another picture to give you a run for your money. This is a picture taken from within Stourhead Gardens. For those of you who don't know one seen from the recent Pride and Prejudice was filmed here, when Mr. Darcy proposes in the rain to Elizabeth. It even rained a bit today setting the mood just perfectly. I think however, that for as beautiful as all this is, and while it does hurt to see it, describing it as "painfully beautiful" seems inadequate and yet I cannot think of a single word in our language with which to describe it in the least.

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Jen said...

I remember having this conversation with you in that little cemetery...*sigh*