08 March 2008

National Gallery

Last night we decided to take advantage of the couple nights a week that the National Gallery is open late and visit it. When we got to Trafalgar Square we realized that it wasn't open. whoops. so we ended up voting to do our Literature homework and pay a visit to Dr. Johnson's house. So after walking down The Strand and visiting his house and the memorial to his cat Hodge, we walked down to the Temple. (may I just say, that Samuel Johnson must be pretty cool if his cat gets a statue...) I hadn't been inside the Temple complex before its pretty neat, especially at 8 at night. I could totally live and work there, except I don't think I could be a lawyer. oh well. The temple abuts the Thames on one side, so we decided to stroll along the Thames down to Westminster. It was so nice. It was a beautiful night and to see the lights playing off the water was a gorgeous sight to behold. We went out on the bridge and read the plaque partway down that has Wordsworth's poem Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802. It's quite a lovely poem. After that we wandered around parliament for a bit, and the abbey and headed home. Even though we didn't go to the National Gallery, it really was a wonderful evening. It felt so good to get out of the house on a friday night and just wander around London. And to wander along the Thames? What could be better?

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