19 August 2013

Kool-aid--Did you know it's useful for more than just drinking?

Let's call this a series. This post was originally published 18 October 2011 at folioleaves.wordpress.com.

I have been waiting for a reason to dye paper for a while and due to some recent events (that I may or may not ever tell you about) I finally had a good reason to do it. So on Saturday I popped by Giant on my way home from errand-running and purchased the "dye". I had decided that I wanted to dye my paper red and I had thought of the perfect thing that I hoped would make the same kind of red on paper that it made on my mom's carpet when I was kid (It was my brother's fault--not mine). Kool-aid.

By the time I had actually started the dying process I'd realized that really my paper was going to be more pink than red and I was ok with that. And the light baby-girl pink that I ended up with I think will look fantastic in my next book. Though oddly enough the Kool-aid did turn my hands about the shade of red I had been hoping for on my paper.


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