16 August 2013

Stowaway Magazine

Let's call this a series. This post was orginally published 22 September 2011 at folioleaves.wordpress.com.

Here is another super old post from the other blog that we're reposting here. Note to the world: I worked for Stowaway in the Fall of 2010--on the Winter 2011 issue.

About a year ago I worked on the staff of the a publication called Stowaway. It is a student produced magazine that is the culminating project in the editing minor at Brigham Young University. It is a fantastic project and I am thrilled that I had a chance to work on the Winter 2011 issue. My work was in design, but I also wrote several articles and provided a little of the photography throughout the magazine.
Yesterday I discovered that Stowaway has lately received several national publication awards. Check out the article here.

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