13 August 2013

Sometimes my life is pretty awesome

Recently I found myself with some extra time and I was catching up on some of backlog blog reading. I hadn't read very many articles before I found that I was feeling a little down on myself. Many of my friends are having lots of big life changes right now (like buying homes, or having kids, or getting married) and I felt a little left out--especially since it had been a fairly stressful week for me anyways. So, I thought I'd write a post about how awesome my life is. Because, let's face it. It's pretty awesome.

This summer, I worked two part time jobs. But since they are pretty flexible, I've been able to take time off to visit Chicago (for ALA), Maine (camping with Melanie), New Hampshire (to visit a friend), Rockport, MA (for kicks and giggles--and to try lobster), and Rhode Island (drove a friend to the airport). I'm in the middle of finding a third roommate (which is actually super stressful) for the new apartment that I'm moving into in the fall--which I found nearly all by myself. I have done all the leg work for the new place and even successfully navigated realtors and brokers and such.

I live in Boston, where there is always tons of stuff to do. Granted, many of my exciting plans have been rained out this summer (Shakespeare on the Common, Rear Window on the side of the Harbor Hotel), but hey, I'm no weather god.

As a library student I get all kinds of exciting opportunities to do cool things like work in two awesome libraries and have a *hopefully* awesome internship in the fall. I'm also helping the senior missionary couple in my ward to reestablish a lending library for the Institute library in our church building. I get to basically build a library from scratch (ok, maybe not quite from scratch--most of the books are already catalogued--but practically).

I've started shopping around to buy my first suit. And I'm pretty excited about what I've seen so far. I had an excellent experience with the sales lady today who knew way more than I did about the way the clothes were supposed to fit. There is something super refreshing about having a sales lady look at the skirt you have on (that you thought fit well) and say "that looks a little big, let me bring you a smaller size." And then you put on the smaller size and lo and behold, it fits way better.

What makes your life awesome?

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