05 February 2008

Down once more

The Paris Opera House is rather lovely to look at, unfortunatly we didn't have time to go inside but the outside is beautiful.

Our trip was full of things that were somewhat unexplainable, like why there were streets named after Woodrow Wilson or FDR, or why there is a statue of Washington in the middle of one of the streets leading toward the Arc du Triomphe.

Versaille was also a fun place, though it thoroughly disgusted me how much gold and silver and stuff was in that place. You could've sold all the finery in the front two rooms and fed all of France, and sold all the wealth and ended world hunger. It was a little ridiculous. Never the less it is a beautiful palace, and the grounds are delightful, and would be even more so in the summer, when they wouldn't be so barren. It was incredibly windy when we were there. It seriously felt like we were going to blow away. But it was a fun trip, and nice to get out of the big city for a bit.

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