11 February 2008

Fires and Falls

well it has been an exciting weekend and I feel the need to report. I had dinner at Camden Town on saturday night. Probably around 18:30. Apparantly shortly after that, (19:20) Fire broke out in the market, which is about 2 blocks from where we ate dinner. From what I hear the fire was huge, 100 firefighters, according to the reports. I don't remember what time we ended up getting home but it must've been sometime about then. that certainly could've ended up being a much more interesting dinner than it was. Then on Sunday after returning from church, I was walking down to the kitchen when I decided walking wasn't fast enough and decided that falling down a whole flight of stairs would be the appropriate thing to do. Luckily no broken bones to report. I've just sprained my ankle a bit and it's already on the mend, and I can hobble around a bit. It was definitely an exciting weekend though. with luck this week will prove to be entertaining as well.

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