04 February 2008

Paris you know may improve upon closer acquaintance

As it turns out Paris does improve upon closer acquaintance. I am reasonably pleased to say that I wouldn't mind returning, though again I wouldn't need to spend more than a few days. Really I just want a couple days to explore the Louvre and the D'Orsay. then another couple days to explore more of Paris' plethora of delightful museums. We stopped at one the Orangerie, and it was quite delightful. It's main exhibit is a collection of Monets that are displayed in the round. Legend has it that Monet only agreed to donate his paintings if they were displayed the way he wanted them to be. so there are two oval rooms with 4 paintings in each. and it is a wonderful way to feel the paintings, since they all connect to each other creating this wonderful sense of being surrounded by them.

That was a delightful Museum, I really liked it.
Seeing Notre Dame again was quite fun, I climbed all the way to the very top of the towers, and that is a fantastic view of Paris, almost as good as the one from Sacre Couer (whose climb to the top of the tower was sadly closed).

and the view from the top of the Arc du Triomphe is worth the climb as well.

And this one is the promised view from Sacre Couer.

Overall Paris is dirty and has lots of stairs.

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