31 December 2012

Gum Drops

Hello all,

I hope all of you have had fabulous holidays. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks with my family out west, and so took a little hiatus from writing. But, now I have some (hopefully) interesting things to share.

Not long before I headed home I found a recipe for homemade gum drops floating around my Google reader. Not only did they look delicious, but they looked incredibly easy too (i.e. no candy thermometer needed). Unfortunately they required things like flavorings, and since I don't have a huge variety of those I decided to wait till I went home to make them.

My recommendation would be to use more flavoring than you think you need because my flavors ended up being much more subtle than I'd hoped. Also, I actually managed to make something red, using food coloring (you can maybe see the difference between round 1--on the back right and round 2--on the back left). The candy went over well with my family, though I found that longer I let them sit out the more gum drop-y the consistency was.

I hope you all are gearing up for a fabulous New Year!

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