12 December 2012

Holiday Pops

Last week I used my college card, to attend the Boston Pops holiday concert. It was fabulous. One kind of fun thing about the Pops is that they take out the rows of chairs and replace them with tables and chairs and then serve food throughout the concert. It is fun little dinner-theater kind of thing. I didn't order anything (it was a little overpriced for my college budget), but the couple sitting at the table in front of me shared their pitcher of raspberry lemonade with me. It was very kind of them, and very delicious. I had popped by Modern's Pastry before the show and bought a canoli and some amaretto cookies, so I had the canoli during intermission. It was so good. It's been ages since I've been to the North End. I kind of miss being there all the time. I think my favorite piece was "The 12 Days of Christmas." They did a version where each day was sung to the tune of some other popular song. It was very well arranged and fit together real nice. They also had a person who read Twas the Night Before Christmas, which they had put to music. I felt that this concert was a wonderful way to start out my Christmas season.  

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