26 November 2012

An online portfolio

I am sure I have a nice long-winded post about how awesome my thanksgiving was, but for the moment I need your help.

I'm working on developing a website (ok, actually I've developed it, it just needs some finishing touches)  for my technology class this semester. The assignment was to create a personal website (with a variety of constraints, like the presence of 20 pages). I decided to create an online portfolio that I could show to a prospective employer.

What I'm looking for from you is feedback. What works and what doesn't? Where did my editing skills fail me? What do you wish was there that isn't?


I really appreciate your feedback. It will help me a lot. Hope your Monday has shaped up well.


Mrs. Dean said...

I admit I didn't read everything, so I don't really have helpful feedback, but I LOVE your photos. The look and feel of the site are lovely.

Emily said...

Oh good, I'm glad you like it. Thanks for taking the time to look through it. I appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Em...I found this phrase in the bookbinding tab a little awkward...
"I found the class to support my goal of rare book librarianship very well". Also, to be consistent, I would say "undergraduate work" instead of "undergrad" in the first paragraph under bookbinding. The last thing I saw was the spacing of your email address was a little odd on your contact page.

Your website looks fantastic Em! I'm super impressed...and as a prospective employer, it would be a great way to showcase yourself.

Love ya,

Emily said...

Thanks for your feedback, I made some changes. I'm not sure exactly how the email address displays on your screen, but I purposely put a space between each part to prevent spammers from just picking up on the link.