02 November 2012

I win!

This morning when I got up it was sunny and blue skies, if cold. So when I was choosing footwear I did it consciously. I knew that I could wear my least waterproof shoes because it was sunny, hadn't rained in a couple days and there was only a 20% chance of rain today (the same as yesterday...)

We had an all day staff development day at work. It was really good, I'm glad I went (besides, free breakfast and lunch). The last speaker of the day talks about how she makes random little (achievable) goals for herself just so that when she meets them she can say "I WIN!" I sat there thinking that my random goal for the day would be that I dressed appropriately so my feet would stay dry all day. I was super excited that I'd get to say "I WIN!" I mean, who doesn't like winning?

After work, I get all my stuff packed up and walk upstairs and its raining.

Yes, raining. Which means that I don't win. I wore my shoes that get my feet wet if I so much as walk across a damp sidewalk (not a puddle mind you, damp). Yeah. I definitely didn't win. But my feet made nice squishing sounds all the way home. That's kind of cool...

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