07 November 2012

Okay for Now

I really enjoyed Okay for Now by Gary Schmidt. I loved the way that Schmidt used the Audubon bird pictures the same way that he used Shakespeare in The Wednesday Wars. I like that Schmidt uses things like literature and art to help his characters cope with life and learn to deal with the trials that come with being human. It's a good example of a coping mechanism that might work well for many of us. In many ways this book is very similar to The Wednesday Wars, and probably that's why I liked it. And while they do feature some of the same characters it is a totally different novel and any back story you might want from the other book Doug fills you in on. Okay for Now stands completely on its own and I think it's terrific. I found it when I was reading a post about good reads for book clubs by Janssen. In her posted she linked to her review of Schmidt's book. I clicked over and almost fell in love with the book before even starting it. And I enjoyed checking it out of the library and having the time (or pretending I did) to sit down and read it all in one weekend.

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