09 November 2012

Techno Lust

I came across an interesting term in one of my textbooks the other day. Techno lust. I thought it was a pretty succinct way to describe the way that society feels about new gadgets that come out and new bells and whistles. I like the connotations that come with the word lust in this phrase. I feel like we never really need these new bells and whistles and that they are just a way of making us more dependent on technology that will probably eventually let us down and leave us stranded somewhere with no coping mechanism. And I feel like lust describes the relationship that we have with technology pretty well. It is something that we desire, and we want, but since we don't really need it we end up with this kind of co-dependent relationship on it. I'm not saying that all technology is bad, I'll be the first to admit that I love things like electric lights, and there is a lot of good that can come out of technology (like FamilySearch Indexing, for example). But I do think that a lot of times when we hear about the latest and greatest new toy a lot of us (myself included) want it just because it's cool and new, and everybody else has it--we lust after it. I'm hoping that now that I've become aware that that's what I do sometimes, that I can control it better, because let's face it, lust is pretty much never a good thing.

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Katrina P. said...

Love this phrase and the thoughts it provokes. It's true though-technology will never give back. :)