27 September 2012


I was talking to one of my roommates last night about how many dystopian novels have some part of their premise focused around living your worst fear. And that got me to wondering what my worst fears are--well it got me wondering for about 5 minutes because then I went to bed and forgot about the whole conversation.

This morning I woke up at approximately 6:30 from a rather vivid dream that I was working and it was closing time and no one would leave. I'd told the patrons several times that it was time to go, and the PA announcements had happened. And I knew I wasn't handling it very well because I was starting to get very short with the patrons and turning computers off before their very eyes and such. It was dreadful. I woke up and it took me a moment to realize that it was just a dream, it hadn't happened, my problem patrons weren't being especially problematic. What a nightmare.

Apparently my dream self thinks that my biggest fear is of patrons not leaving the library at closing time...

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