04 September 2012

Recap on August Goals

I'm sure you've all been anxiously waiting to find out how my August goals went. As a reminder, these are the two goals that I made for myself for the month of August:

1. To be Facebook free for the month of August.
2. For all of my worldly possessions (with noted exceptions) to fit comfortably in my car behind the front seats when next I move.

Overall, they went pretty well. I do remember once about 2/3 of the way through August having a nightmare that it was August 31 and something weird happened and I forgot and checked my Facebook and then realized that I'd missed my goal. I was pretty happy when I woke up and realized that that wasn't going to happen. In fact I was so busy last weekend that it was September 2nd before I had time to sit down and spend 10 minutes realizing that I didn't miss anything on Facebook all month. And you know what? I really didn't miss Facebook at all the whole time I was gone (though Facebook thinks it missed me, it sent me a "welcome back" email after I logged back in). Sadly, my Facebook hiatus does mean that now I have that weird timeline thing going on, which I don't really care for. Oh well, all the more reason to not use Facebook. muahahah. I haven't decided if I'm going to continue my Facebook free life style indefinitely or if I'm just going to pick a time each week where I can check it if I feel like it. Probably the latter. I do like the idea of using Facebook to keep up with people. I just don't like Facebook.

As for moving my possessions. They pretty much all fit behind the front seats in my car. As my roommate can attest, she did have to sit with her knees by her chin because the passenger seat was pushed all the way forward, but she did ride with me to my new place. We did have to take a second trip for my bed frame, my fan, my nightstand, and my food, but my chair ended up fitting in my car, my mattress fit on top of my car, and I didn't end up taking the a/c unit at all. I'm not sure though if my stuff fit in my car well enough because I actually got rid of very much stuff, or if maybe I'm just getting better at packing. As I've been unpacking I've been finding myself with a fair number of things that don't have an immediately obvious home and so I need to try and get rid of some more things. I really want everything in this new space to have a home. I think that if it has a home it should be easier for me to keep my room clean.

Essentially I am pleased with my progress on my goals this past month. I definitely think I could have de-owned more things and with any luck I can do some de-owning this week as I unpack from my move, but I feel good about the progress I made. And I'm really happy with how my Facebook-free life has been going. And I will keep it up at least to some extent.

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