05 September 2012

September Goals--live life plastic free

Owing to the success of my goals in August I'm going to make some September goals too. Remember that awesome, life-changing documentary I watched last week? Well, it has inspired me to try to become plastic free in my life. I will freely admit that I don't think I can quit plastic cold turkey. If nothing else, it's going to take me a while to find a replacement for the copious amounts of plastic Tupperware that I use. But, I can make small changes. At the end of Bag It the narrator gave some suggestions for simple things that we can do to reduce our plastic consumption:

  • cut way back on single use disposables
  • quit using plastic grocery sacks
  • don't drink bottled water
  • choose things with less packaging
  • buy used
  • bring your own containers
  • buy less stuff
  • reduce, reuse, then recycle
  • clean it up
  • simplify your life
I think this is a pretty good list of things to start with, but I'm not so ambitious as to think I can tackle all of them this month. So I'm  mainly going to focus on not using plastic grocery sacks, or plastic produce bags. I admit that I already failed this week. I've been looking around and have found some cotton mesh produce bags that I want to order online, but I'm waiting for some Amazon credit to post this week. But I still needed to go grocery shopping today and while vegetables like potatoes and onions really don't need bags anyways, broccoli really keeps together better in a bag. So I gritted my teeth and did use one produce bag today. But I repeatedly told the lady at the checkout that I didn't need my eggs in a plastic bag and that when she poorly filled my reusable bags that I'd take paper over plastic.

While plastic grocery sacks are going to be my focus this month I also want to work on not drinking bottled water (which I don't often anyways, but still), and I want to work on bringing my own containers (which means I need to work on coming up with glass containers that I can bring...)

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