28 September 2012


I feel like more and more my posts are centering around the theme of pizza. Apparently I can't get enough of it. Actually it makes me worry a little bit that I'm going to tire of it someday like I have of pasta and rice. However, until the most unfortunate occurs I am eating pizza like there is no tomorrow. I also am lucky (or possibly unlucky) to have about a million pizza places (or 4) within two blocks of my house.Today I sampled my third of these delightful food establishments. And it has been my favorite. I will admit that in someways my judging is a little unfair because I always seem to be getting slices of pizza at times when there isn't a chance that they are fresh (you like 2 or 3 in the afternoon). But Michael's Pizza held up well to the fact that I had to nuke it when I got home. I've eaten at Andrea's Pizza twice and while the second time the pizza seemed fresher the crust was still pretty hard. Stella's Pizza is great, and I like it, but I never was as big a fan of the thin, crispy crust as I am of not thin, crispy crusts. Of course none of these even compares to Ernesto's Pizza in the North End, but let's face it, the North End is a bit of trek. I also love how all these places are named after people. It seems somehow cooler than pizza named after kinds of buildings, or games or something.

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