11 September 2012

What I did over summer vacation

Well, summer is drawing to a close, classes started up again last week and I feel like it's time for my "what I did over summer vacation essay." Unfortunately for you  (or not??) I don't feel the need to write an essay per se. How do you feel about a bullet list instead?
  • Spent 230 hours in class
  • Made 9 books
  • Ate a lot of pizza, biscotti, and pastry
  • Saw the Tall Ships
  • Saw the Queen Mary 2!
  • Commuted about 250 miles on my bike
  • Only had one flat!
  • Worked two jobs
  • Quit one of those jobs!
  • Had only two weeks of actual summer 
  • Went to Old Sturbridge Village
  • Visited The Cape
  • Got really sunburned
  • Museum hopped
  • Moved
  • Watched several documentaries about plastics
Old Sturbridge Village!

The Cape. It was a gorgeous day for the beach.

The USCGC Eagle

Some of the Naval boats. A US one and a German one I think.

The Queen Mary 2. Maybe as close as I'll ever be to cruising on it.
Ethiopian binding, and three varieties of Italian paper bindings

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