30 October 2012

A storm named Sandy

Just a quick update today. Yesterday saw me stuck most of the day at home watching the wind wail around the eaves on my house. We were very fortunate however not to lose power at all, nor to have any trees blow down around us. I'm very grateful. The library was closed to I got the day off, and Simmons closed (which would have been more exciting if I had classes on Mondays). All my roommates were off too, so we were all home all day--which never happens. It was pretty weird.my first "hurricane" was pretty exciting. Except I'm pretty sure it wasn't actually a hurricane in Boston, more like a tropical storm or something. I don't know. I'm sure the poor souls in Delaware thought it was a hurricane.

Being home had its advantages. I managed to get a pretty decent amount of stuff done. And today dawned something like sunny, though it was looking pretty ominous when I got to work (I forgot my umbrella on my floor) and now it is absolutely pouring buckets. I think I'll be wet when I get home tonight.

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