26 October 2012

Plastic-free eating!

I just wanted to check in and let you know how my lunchbot and my reusable produce bags are working out for me. Pretty much they are awesome!

I really like my lunchbot. I've found that the lid both is easy to take off and stays on securely. It certainly is far from air tight, so anything with just about any amount of liquid will leak if it gets turned on its side or anything. But that's only a minor inconvenience--something to take note of more than anything else. reusable things!! And I love the size. It is a good size for taking a sandwich (and I typically have somewhat oversized bread). And it's a good size for a meal, or even for two if you pack it good. And I like that it's metal and so I can't put it in the microwave which forces me to eat my food on real dishes and thus to feel like I'm eating real meals even when I'm just wolfing down leftovers on my break at work.

My reusable produce bags I have also been very happy with. I find that I don't use them as much as I thought I might, because I usually just end up putting more of my produce in my basket loose. Most vegetables don't really need to be put in a bag, and so I don't always. But I do use them for sort of corralling my veges in the fridge. I do love that I use less plastic.

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