09 October 2012

Muller Yogurt

My very favorite kind of yogurt in the entire world is Muller yogurt. (imagine the umlauts above the u). And it  makes me so sad every time I go to buy yogurt that American yogurt is so not-delicious. In fact, Muller yogurt was one of the wonderful perks of going back to London in 2010. It's just so smooth and creamy. It doesn't have the nasty grainy texture that American yogurt has. And it's not so thick as Greek yogurt. It is such the best. 

A couple of weeks ago I was in Harvard Square and a woman approached me and offered me a pot of yogurt. I didn't even really look at her and said "no, thank you" out of hand. She took the rejection well and moved on to waiting to cross the street. Since she was still standing near me I took a moment to look at what her hat said. It said Muller yogurt! I just turned down the opportunity to eat free Muller Yogurt, in the United States. What was I thinking?! But by then it was a little late for me to be like "actually, I will take your free yogurt..." 

This morning I stopped at the grocery store at the end of my bike ride to pick up a couple things I need for some muffins I want to make this week. I was in the yogurt aisle looking for plain yogurt and guess what I found??

Yes! It is! It's Muller Yogurt! In the US! It's days like this that I especially love living on the East Coast. 

I got my yogurt home (one each of strawberry and choco balls) and it's just as good as I remember. Smooth and creamy and delicious. Now I just have to hope that they bring the toffee yogurt over soon too.

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