01 October 2012

Buying fresh flowers

A couple months ago I read a book called Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure by Maxwell Gilliam-Ryan. It was pretty good. Gilliam-Ryan provides lots of ideas of how to "fix" your home. They include things like deep cleaning, de-cluttering, learning more about your personal style, making sure you have good enough lighting in your home, etc. While there were a lot of useful ideas I found that a lot of them weren't really applicable to me because I don't have my own apartment where I have full control over how the rooms are painted, or furnished. But one idea that I did like and can use was to have fresh flowers in your home. They add a life and color to your home and are just nice. I was out shopping on Saturday and saw these flowers, so I thought that it was time for my apartment to have some fresh flowers in it. And you know what? Every time I walk past them I'm glad that I bought them.They cheer the place right up.

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