30 July 2012

A goal revised

I'm still feeling pretty good about my goal of having all my possessions fit in my car. However, the day after I made that goal I woke up in the morning and realized how many large things I own (many of which I've acquired since moving here). I now own an oscillating fan (which I use nearly everyday). And I have the rights to a window a/c unit, and I have a nightstand that I am absolutely not disassembling for such a short move (it was kind of a nightmare to take apart last time and I'm not doing it again). And so I find myself in a quandry. I don't want to revise my goal to say that all of my small possessions shall fit in my car, or all of them except for the half a dozen large things, but the reality is, that oscillating fan is going to take up a pretty good chunk of my back seat all by itself, and I don't consider it to be something that I don't really need. So, for the present I'm not exactly revising my goal, but am being conscious of the fact that my goal was perhaps a little unrealistic. That said, I have most of a box of stuff on the floor of my room already that isn't going to move with me.

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