28 August 2012

Beware the full moon

When I first started at the library someone mentioned to me that it tends to get kind of crazy around the full moon. I know it sounds weird, but that's what she told me. And she was being serious. I made a mental note and didn't think of it again for a while. Craziness comes and craziness goes and I didn't pay much attention to the cycles of the moon--until last month. The week of the full moon was out of control. Things went wrong, computers went down, patrons had problems, very much a Murphy's law week.

I believe in the full moon now.

Yesterday, one of my more superstitious colleagues came up to me and mentioned that the full moon is on Thursday, and that typically we have troubles for the three days before and the three days after. Which puts us at "full moon" starting today.

It did.

Tonight has been a little bit out of control. Seems like nearly everyone and everything has had some kind of issue. It should prove to be an exciting week. I'm a little afraid for it.

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