02 August 2012

Cinnamon Rolls

I've been rather remiss in posting about the food I've been eating. Not to worry, I have been eating, and I've even been cooking newish things once in a while. And (you'll never believe this) I've even taken a few pictures. Unfortunately, the taking the time to upload them onto my computer has not been high on my priority list. When it comes to uploading pictures of food to my computer or eating food, I have to admit I choose the eating. But you're in luck, I have a picture for you today.

A few weeks ago, around the time my bookbinding class started I made a batch of cinnamon rolls because I figured they'd freeze well and I would have instant breakfasts for a few days (or even a week or so). The cinnamon rolls turned out pretty well. I've been substituting whole wheat flour for half of the regular flour in several of my recipes lately and I'm a fan.

On a totally different note. Today in class we learned about gold tooling. It's pretty awesome.

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