20 August 2012

pizza, pizza

Today I made more zucchini pizza. I wish that I could say that this one was as delicious as the others that I have made this year, but I confess it was not. 'Twas my own fault though. I've had a container of pizza sauce in the freezer for a while and I decided to pull it out two or three days ago and I had plans to make a broccoli pizza with it. So that was my plan for today. I've found that things go bad a lot faster here in the summer, so I've been a little nervous that my sauce would go bad before I got to it. So today I pull it out and get out the broccoli and as I'm rooting around trying to find the cheese I find 2/3 of a zucchini left over from making bread yesterday. So I decided that I should make pizza out of it. Of course the red sauces doesn't really go with the zucchini pizza, but for whatever reason I decided that both leftovers just had to be used today. When I stirred up the sauce it was super watery (obviously a by product of having been frozen). And there was at least twice as much as I needed. Nevertheless. I spread all of it on my crust and hoped for the best.

Yeah, it stuck to the pan something fierce, and the crust sogged out almost instantly. I think that in the future we'll quit trying to make dumb decisions like that. It tasted ok, very much like breadsticks with slices of zucchini on top. I'll get around to making my broccoli pizza another time. And I probably won't use tomato sauce, which somehow I think will be ok.

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