10 August 2012

Frozen yogurt is just so delicious

Last Saturday I spent an evening with friends in Jamaica Plain and we went on an adventure to the JP Licks that is down the street from their house. I walk past the JP Licks in Harvard square all the time but had never been inside. I learned that the JP Licks we went to is the original one. Yeah, the light bulb went on and I felt mildly foolish that I hadn't associated JP Licks with being from JP before. They have so many flavors, I wasn't even sure how to begin to choose something. They serve frozen yogurt there, which I kind of like better than ice cream (I know, I know, I still love ice cream, I just like frozen yogurt better) and they had black currant (!) flavored frozen yogurt. Normally, I just go for plain fro-yo and have them put some strawberries or kiwi on it. But the black currant was amazing! and for a treat I had them put on white chocolate chips which was even better. I do love me some black currants.

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