13 August 2012

Clover Food Lab

One of my classmates introduced me to a delightful food lab in Harvard Square on Friday. It's called Clover. It is a fast food restaurant that makes food using ingredients that are as fresh as they can be, as local as they can be found and as organic as possible (which means a seasonal menu too). It also happens to only serve vegetarian foods, but that's just an added bonus. And it's reasonably cheap. They also have various food trucks around town. When we went on Friday I had the BBQ Seitan pita. It was delicious. Seitan is a kind of wheat-based protein. It has a kind of duck-like consistency to it and it seems to absorb flavor not unlike tofu. And it was one of the first times all week that I'd eaten a meal and not felt disgusting afterwards, or like I needed to go into a coma. In fact, Clover made such an impression on me that after I got off work on Saturday I stopped in and got a chickpea fritter pita. It didn't disappoint.
The chickpea fritter (courtesy of the internet). Doesn't that just make you hungry?

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Jessica Arnold said...

I LOVE Clover <3 So fun to see you there!