15 August 2012


Today marks mid-way through August. I'm not entirely sure how to feel about that. The first part of this month has absolutely flown by. It feels like it was June yesterday and yet this morning feels like days ago. But anyways, I just wanted to check in on my two August goals.

I've been off Facebook for a couple weeks now and it feels pretty great. I'm not sure that I'm ready to give it up entirely (it does have its uses), but I'm definitely not missing wasting my time on it. Every once in a while when I'm bored and sitting at my computer I'll think about checking it, but I've been able to resist the temptation. Now just to keep it up for a couple more weeks (I'll actually be home sometimes in these next couple weeks so we'll see if keeping my goal is any more difficult).

In terms of clearing out the junk that I own I've only been halfway successful thus far in the month. Since I have been in class I just haven't had the time I wanted to devote to it yet. That will be changing next week. And I plan to clean mercilessly. That said I have unearthed two smallish boxes of stuff that will not be making the move with me. Now only to come up with a few more boxes of stuff to get rid of.

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