18 August 2012

To be prepared or not to be prepared?

Here's an interesting article I found online last night. I thought it was interesting.

It's not the first time I've heard about being over-prepared. Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan put it well when he said that "'being prepared' can sometimes be a euphemism for being scared to let go. How much we carry--whether it is on our bicycle, in our bag, or in our home--is often directly related to how little we trust in life to guide us well, and in others to help us out in a pinch."

I really like that idea--that being overly prepared illustrates my faith in the world to help me out. It turns out that I don't really trust them. But I want to change that. This weekend I am going to clean out my bag and take out as many of the things that I keep in there "just in case" as I can.

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