18 May 2012


So, it's been what two, three weeks since I've started posting most days? And today I find myself floundering a little bit on knowing what to write about. Nothing of note has happened lately, other than my going to work, and things like that.

Lately, I've been wanting a bike. I've decided that bike's are the most efficient way to get around Boston. Somewhere that takes an hour to get to on the train is only about a half hour bike ride away. Plus, riding a bike is free exercise (free in the sense that it doesn't feel like exercising because I'm riding to somewhere, and in the sense that I don't have to make a special effort to get that exercise). And it's environmentally friendly. And it's summer: good biking weather. Of course, the problem is that in order to have all these benefits of riding a bike you have to have a bike. This is where I struggle. I'm in the process of learning about bikes, and trying to find a decent cheap one, but it remains to be seen whether I get to have a bike or not (they're just so expensive, even used). I'm hoping to have time this afternoon to check out another shop who may have something for me. We'll see.


Jen Bruton said...

what about your adorable Beach Bike? Did you have to leave that here?

Candice Bellows said...

One thing to keep in mind about used bikes: they may not be in the greatest condition. When I bought my bike, I went with new because I didn't want to find out at the top of a hill that the brakes didn't work!

Emily said...

Jen, my beach cruiser is currently in my parents garage. When I moved back east I didn't have a way to take it with me. So for the time being that's where it is (though the idea of shipping out here has been tossed around).

Candice, that is definitely a concern I have about used bikes, but they are just so much cheaper. I'm just going to have to be extra vigilant when I test ride them to make sure they really work. What kind of bike do you have? How do you like it?