08 May 2012


When I left the house this morning it was a little bit drizzly and so I donned my raincoat and packed my umbrella. As I was walking to the catch the train to work (yeah, I live in a city where I take the train to work) a familiar scent greeted me. I guess it was just the greenery mixed with the rain compounded by the fact that I was wearing my rain coat, but it reminded me of England. Oh England, how I miss thy "green and pleasant land" (from "Milton"--William Blake). That is one thing that I really love about Boston. Now that the trees have come into leaf, the city sometimes has a very England-y feel. Someday I'll go back.

On a totally and completely different note. Today, Maurice Sendak died. No more wild things and no more Little Bear. Sad day. Though I did discover that apparently there are two more books that are sequels to Where the Wild Things Are. I'm going to have to go find them.

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Mrs. Dean said...

Did you ever see the interview Sendak did with Colbert? Pretty funny. He's a grumpy old man.