31 May 2012

Public Garden

After I explored the Common I headed over to the Public Garden. Which I will admit I liked more. The Common is nice, but the Public Garden has such a lovely Victorian charm to it. Where the Common is mostly unstructured space (so great for frisbee and kites) the Public Garden is much more landscaped and has a small lake in it. For me it is more my ideal. (But then you know how I love all things Victorian).
Also the year of the ascension of Queen Victoria, and the year the the LDS missionaries landed in Liverpool. 1837 was a busy year.

I don't know what these flowers are, but there were about 4 people trying to photograph them when I walked by.

Remember the book Make Way for Ducklings?

One of the Swan Boats. The Swan Boats began running in 1877.

The Ether Monument (or the Good Samaritan) commemorating the advent of ether used for anesthesia.
Of the places I've visited in Boston (all about 3 of them) the Public Garden is one of my favorites.

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