21 May 2012

So I picked a fight...with a road...

So Friday was a busy day. I got called in to my retail job unexpectedly and so I had to rearrange the errands I had to run. So I ended up running two errands on my way to work and two on my way home. (I don't even know how many hours I spent riding public transit, it was a little bit ridiculous.) So while I was walking between errand one and errand two something weird happened, I guess I must've tripped or something, but anyhow next thing I knew I was falling (in slow motion, yet powerless to stop it). I was in the middle of crossing a street so I landed nice and hard on the pavement. It really hurt. As usual I picked myself up pretty quick and finished crossing the street. About a half a block later I stopped to check if I was broken or anything. I looked down and had a HUGE gash in my pants. And what turned out to be some pretty impressive road rash on one knee. The other knee didn't look too bad (it has a pretty awesome bruise now). So I walked on to errand two and made a quick bathroom break to clean myself up. Don't you love how not absorbent public bathroom paper towels are?

Miraculously in all this I still managed to catch my bus to work and arrive on time. But work was the longest day of my entire life. My knee didn't hurt too bad, only when something touched it (like my pants--which they did constantly). And it turns out that the first aid kit at work is highly inadequate. Nothing bigger than a regular bandaid. A little over half-way through my shift someone managed to find a giant bit of gauze which helped out immensely, but it was a miserable day. After work I finished my errands--which definitely involved bike shopping. Nothing like trying out bikes when you can only kind of bend your knee.

I also had fun grossing out all my friends at game night because by the time I finally got home about 11 hours after hurting myself all I wanted to do was put on shorts and make sure that nothing touched my road rash.

So now four days later...It's still quite gross looking. I actually took a picture this morning to share with you, but I'm too grossed out by it. Sorry. (Anti-climactic I know.)

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