10 May 2012

Nooks and Kindles

I have a pretty awesome job. And as part of my job I have to learn how to use the Nook and the Kindle. What a shame. I'm sure most of you know my feelings about e-readers, but for any of you out there who are unfamiliar... I think e-readers are great, but not for me. I am totally on board with the idea that I can travel somewhere and I don't have to carry tons of books with me. I think it's awesome that you can change the font size for people who need that. I'm not on board with having to purchase e-books, that the publisher can then take away at random from me if they choose. I mean, come on. A publisher (or Amazon or anyone) would never walk in to your home and re-possess your actual books, so why can they do that for e-books? I also just love to hold actual books, and I like being able to turn the pages and see how far I am in the book and skip around easily if I choose to. To sum up. I think that e-readers are cool, but I have no plans to purchase one.

Even though I have no plans of owning any kind of e-reader I nevertheless think it is super cool that I got to sit down at work one day last week and play around on a Nook and a Kindle and learn how to use them. I found the Nook a little bit more intuitive than the Kindle and I liked the interface it had better. The Nook was also in color which I liked whereas the Kindle I used wasn't. But I wouldn't be surprised if my preference for the Nook stems from the fact that it was the first one I used. In all reality, since I still have no plans to buy an e-reader I don't feel like my preference matters in any way shape or form. And I'm sure that with time I will become equally adroit with both.

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P.U. Who? said...

Emily, I was one of those people who felt that by falling into the e-reader trap I'd be betraying the the memory of every hard-won printed book. Then I got a Nook. I LOVED it. . . until I tweaked it with a card that turned it into a pad. Now I ADORES it. I can access both Nook and Kindle content. I can borrow from the library. I can take 300 books with me to the doctor's waiting room. I can borrow from other owners. And my little hard covers can stay home and relax - not worrying about their pages being bent and knowing that they're still the original chosen ones. I don't feel as though I have betrayed my first child, but that I have enough love for both.