23 May 2012

Bookbinding II

On Saturday I had another one of those all day bookbinding workshops. Though now that I think of it I doubt I blogged about the first one so maybe "another" isn't quite the right word... This workshop was a good one. It was a follow up one to the last one I took (which I suppose is a story for another day). This time we learned coptics, flat-backs, long stitch, and if we'd had more time we would've done secret-belgian bindings too--but she sent us home with supplies and instructions (yay!). Technically I already knew coptic and flat-back, but it was nice to see how some of her techniques differ from the way that I normally would approach those bindings. Some things I liked better and some I didn't. But I am definitely glad that I know more. And learning the long-stitch was good. That one and the Secret-Belgian were the two that I most wanted to learn. I've enjoyed these workshops I've taken. I really love bookbinding. I need to get my stuff out more often and work on projects more. Because I always forget how much I love it. I'm excited for my big workshop this summer.I'm very excited to get that kind of concentrated bench time under my belt.

Here's a random picture of a Secret-Belgian binding just for kicks:

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