22 May 2012

Blueberry Souffle

My roommate invited the sister missionaries over for dinner on Sunday night. Since I made those Panna Cotta a few weeks ago I have been wanting to make something else. And when I was going through blog posts and such with the recent move I found this post.Those berry souffle's were pretty fantastic. So I decided it was time to make them again. Luckily my roommate was kind enough to allow me to make them for dinner with the sisters. This time I split the batter (is that what you'd call souffle mixture??) up in seven ramekins because there were seven of us. Consequently they didn't rise quite a high as last time, but they still rose well. I was pleased.

 And everyone liked them. I really like it when people like my food. I also really like making fancy desserts. Sometimes I wonder how life would be different if I had ended up in culinary school. I still think being a pastry chef would be fun. In fact, I got a call from one of the culinary schools I had looked at years ago the other day. It was totally random and out of the blue. But the girl I talked to seemed to think that library school was cool too.

 The picture from the cheese souffle from that same earlier post makes me want cheese souffle. If only that souffle dish had been mine and not one I'd borrowed from a dear friend who now lives far, far away...

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