15 May 2012

New World Symphony

One of my least favorite "get to you know" questions is "what kind of music do you like?"

I'm the weirdo that doesn't have a favorite genre.

Let's see I like: dialogue? audio books? Pretty much what it comes down to is that I don't really listen to very much music. Like hardly ever. And if I am listening to music then chances are pretty good that I'm in my car.

So a few days ago when I was working on something pretty mindless and felt the desire to listen to something it was a little bit surprising. I'm also that weird person that when I am in the mood for music I probably listen to word-free music because I find music super distracting (hence why I hardly ever listen to it). And I was thinking that I haven't listened to Dvorak in a while, so I put on his 9th symphony. As it starts playing in iTunes I had this moment where I thought "wow, I really like this symphony." And then I felt slightly foolish for forgetting. I mean, really? This music is from a CD that I OWN. I must like it enough to have bought a CD of it. Nevertheless. Dvorak's 9th Symphony is pretty fantastic. You should listen to it. And I could be cool and link to some random Youtube video, but I'm not going to be. Sorry.

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Mrs. Dean said...

I like that one too!!