01 June 2012


I don't know if I've mentioned it before or not, but a few weeks ago my boss gave me a display to be in charge of (in a little used corner of the library where everyone forgets about it, but which happens to be near my desk). For the last month or so it has had cooking books on it and so every few days I go and fill it in where people have taken the books. I've recently noticed that when I add new books they tend to be books about vegetarian dishes or vegan cooking or other organic-y kinds of things. While I love me some red meat, it makes me wonder if I'm becoming one of those kind of people. But I enjoy my meat so I brushed off the feeling.

Don't those look delicious?
Back in March I found a cookbook from Taste of Home that had full color photos on nearly every page and had tons of simple relatively quick recipes and that had 12 weeks worth of menu ideas. It was pretty cool. Best part: clearance for $5. So I bought it, put it on my shelf, and didn't look at it again. This week I've been trying  to pull together some meal ideas so I can shop more efficiently and so I pulled it out again. I was looking through it on the train on my way to work and I kid you not, almost every single recipe had meat in it (with obvious exceptions like for breakfast, where many more didn't have meat). And I love meat, so that should be fine, but as I was reading it, I couldn't help but wish that there were more vegetarian dishes.

Yesterday, I was invited to come in to work a couple hours early (hello extra money next week.) and then have a full hour for dinner. So I decided to splurge and treat myself to a nice dinner at Panera Bread. So I walked in and was looking at their sandwiches, trying to decide what I wanted to go with my half caesar salad. I was rather surprised that none of the meat filled sandwiches sounded very good to me. Usually, meat is the first thing I spring for when eating out. I ended up having a hot tomato and mozzarella panini (which was fantastic and hit the spot).

All these things make me wonder if I'm losing my taste for meat to some degree. Not that that would be a bad thing. I mean the Doctrine and Covenants is pretty clear that meat is to be used sparingly and I'd be pretty on board with sparingly meaning not everyday, or maybe not even most days. But, I think the best part of losing my taste for meat a little bit is that means I won't have to fight the urge to buy it as often when it's so expensive. Score! (don't you love how every paragraph ends with my reassurance that I'm really not vegetarian?)

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