25 June 2012

Chestnut Hill Reservoir

So now that I am the proud possessor of a great bicycle I decided to take it out for a spin on Saturday after a pretty impressive thunderstorm (more on that later). On Friday after picking up my bike I road about 6 miles to get it home and run the errands that I needed to; I figured that after that much riding after not having ridden a bike in about 18 months that I would be pretty sore. I woke up Saturday morning sore alright, but not in the places I had expected. See, I figured that my legs would be sore from all that pedaling, or some other muscle related to biking kinds of motions. Nope, my arms hurt. A lot. Every muscle between my elbows and just above my shoulders screams in pain every time I move them. Apparently I grip the handlebars really tightly? Part of my inducement for a ride on Saturday was to help keep those muscles limber. It did result in them still being sore today... But anyways, my ride was fantastic. I kept it short and pretty flat. I rode down to the Chestnut Hill Reservoir near my house and then road on the trail all the way around it and back. It's a beautiful lake. Wow. And even prettier in the post-rain evening.
Chestnut Hill Reservoir

Waterworks Museum

Double rainbow!

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